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The Person

The founder of the company is Dietmar Brandt, born in 1958. His professional career began with the training as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade at the company Coutinho & Co., Eisenhandel in Mannheim. The steel shouldn't let him go. After the military service, the expertise on profile steel was further developed at Thyssen Stahlunion, later Thyssen Schulte, Mannheim. In 1984 he was assigned the task of upper structure. Customers include local transport companies, railway construction companies and steel and plant engineering.
With the passing of the IHK exam in July 1987 and the associated further education in this school, the commercial expertise was also expanded.
From April 1989 he was responsible for the product areas of rolled steel and upper structure at Klöckner Stahlhandel in Mannheim, which he took over from October 1991 onwards.
In July 1994, he added a further chapter to his extensive professional knowledge by joining the company R + M Feldbahnen und Gleisbautechnik, Mannheim. After the heavy upper structure had been part of the daily business at Thyssen and Klöckner for many years, the knowledge spectrum around the field railways was now supplemented with all its facets. This included the production of roadway switches as well as dump trucks and other transport wagons designed according to the needs of the customer.
On 31.12.2000 the employment ended and on 30.7.2001 the sole proprietor Brandt was founded. For further details, see the Chronicle.